You can choose any cause you would like to support through your purchases, but here are a few that I would like to offer as suggestions.

It gets daunting to pick a cause that you will be focused on and begin to support it. I chose the causes I support based on my family. Each of the subjects represented below are directly linked to me, and DNA in a very important way. Click the links to find out more.  


The human right to Water


My father is epic. After almost dying from water-borne disease he made his way from one of the smallest villages in the world to Cambridge University, Williams College and finally getting his doctorate at University of Cincinnati and mastering his career before eventually turning his attention back to the community in Ethiopia where he was born. Clean water is a human right, and the most effective path to global health.

Over 70% of the reason why people go to the hospital globally is for water borne illness that is preventable. That equals trillions in healthcare that could be focused on more dire issues such as HIV and Cancer. Investing in people having clean water also has a return on investment of $11 for every $1 dollar invested. These organizations are fighting for that and the day to day battle of saving people who do not have access to this vital resource. 


Equality & Empowerment for Women

My mother is a super hero. Besides the fact that she too was born in a developing nation with meager ends, my mother had me – and I was a handful. Having endured such struggles as the first born with 14 siblings, my mother made her way to America with my father and would be met with a new struggle as a woman. She had three challenges - black, foreign and female. However, without complaint she moved mountains and managed to raise my sister and I while supporting my Dad’s education and reached the highest position in administration at University of Cincinnati. 

She is such a powerful person to me and an example to my sister. In respect for her and love for my sister, and all women who still endure inequality globally, I support the organizations below who strive to empower women. To empower women is to further define freedom, compassion and peace in our modern society. 


The arts & Education

I am an artist. The fact is that music saved my life. I was a delinquent when I was younger, and without the honesty and lyric of Bono in U2, I would never have realized my purpose. It would have been more likely that I would have become some kind of felon because of where I lived and who I spent time with.

My parents curbed those activities by moving me to Virginia Beach, but music would be the soul of my life and the allies I met there would be the fuel for it to exist. Music and the Arts are essential to the success of society. Creativity is the future of science, technology, engineering and math. If we can support our youth in the arts, we will have better scientists and engineers. Here are organizations that I support in the realm of the Arts and Arts Education. This one represents me. 


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