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Are we paying for you to fly around the world?

Not at all, in fact we’ve been lucky to have really great partners join the effort surrounding the One for One model. Companies like Apple, Delta and Airbnb have come on board to fund our trip in kind for content.

Why wouldn’t you use the money you got from the brands to pay for your album?

We would totally have used the funds to pay for the album if it would have served the partnership between us and our brands. The reality is, that in order for the brands to be able to help us, the exchange is in content and most cases that content is video content where we are able to highlight our relationship in a meaningful way. For us picking the right partners is as important as everything and anything else. You’ll see that the brands we’ve chosen are brands that relate to the project we’re working on; 

Apple - because outside of being the largest music retailer, they are also the computers and devices we use to create the videos, music and content.

Delta – because they provide the travel across the world that we need to come and see you

Airbnb- because they give us a way to belong in the community we are visiting and serve as home base for our adventures

How does the One for One model work?

Here, read this. If you have further questions, contact us.

Why doesn’t one of your rich celebrity friends just pay for your album?

Hate to answer a question with a question but why doesn’t anyone ask their rich friend to pay for their life?

The reality is my friends that have influence, help me in a million other ways. They help me reach my fans, they help me reach new fans. They support me in the development of my music and my art. I go to my friends who are creative and allies and influencers to help me do those things – be creative, be an ally and influence on my behalf because I hopefully am making something valuable that will matter to their audience and mine. I’m counting on my audience as there is thousands of them -thousands of people - hundreds of thousands of people who love my music, care about me and I want them to be a part of the journey.  This is the way that I can actually take everybody with me on the journey and it’s not really about rich friends it’s about all of us uniting and becoming a part of something together and hopefully the music is just the soundtrack of a great journey.

What is First Ever about what you’re doing?

Thankfully, I think most of what we’re doing is the first ever. It’s the first ever video shot around the world, it’s the first ever One for One artist. But that’s not necessarily the goal. To be first ever isn’t the goal. What we want to be is – what my goal is to be a leader or innovator. Someone who is pushing the boundaries of thought around any subject especially around my art which is something I feel like people tip toe around and I wanted to be able to do something that would be meaningful and jarring and disruptive and something that will lead us to a better future for music and a better future for art. So, all of it is a first ever. And I can only hope to never come in second place.

I’m in, how can I help the most?

You can help in a million ways.  You can retweet the content, watch the content, you can come and be in the video, you can fund the project – there are a million ways to be involved -all of it counts, nothing is considered small, whatever you can do, I’m thankful for it and I’m sure it will be helpful in the long run. So, of course I want you to fund the project but I also just want you to be involved.

How do I know my money is really going to charity?

We partnered with Crowdrise in order to help secure our funders in knowing that the money is going where we say it’s going to go.  Crowdrise has great history of engagement around causes and have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for causes. If you’d like to read up more on Crowdrise, you can click here and go to our partner section and read a little more about Crowdrise.  But any time you buy, you fund this project, buy any products in the future or tickets to shows, you’ll be asked what causes you’d like it to go through and in partnership with Crowdrise we will be monitoring those things and at the end of the year we will publish what funds we are ending up giving to causes that we all care about.

If I’m not a change agent of influencer, can I still participate?

Everyone is an influencer and everyone can be a change agent. The reality is that it’s a choice to be both. You influence one person, you’ve influenced one more. And at the end of the day, if you effect change in that person’s life, then you are a change agent.  So, you can participate by just speaking to one person or a hundred people or a thousand people. Use your social media, use your alliances whatever it is that you think is best but all of it will be appreciated.

Who is going with you on the journey?

There will be 4 people on this trip around the world. It will be myself, my producer, my social media producer and editor and our DP. All 4 of us will be traveling but as we arrive in each city, we will meet up with amazing people that you’ll just have to wait and see who’s involved as we go along.

When can we hear the song?

The song is out now. Here is the link

When will the video be released?

We’ re hoping for shooting and editing in July & August and hopefully have the video out by the top of September

Who is going to be involved in the album?

Can’t tell you, but you’ll be surprised.

If I fund your One for One Musical journey, will it be tax deductible?

Unfortunately no. It won’t be tax deductible because you’re actually getting a product in return. Everyone will have a copy of the album and everybody will get something in return. You’re actually supporting me as an artist and inevitably those monies will end up going to a cause well above and beyond your initial investment 

What happens if you don’t make your goal?

Right now we are focused on making the goal. I’m hoping for the best.

What if happens if you make over your goal?

That will be a really great problem and we’ll cross that bridge when it comes. There are a lot of things we can do with more funding. The whole goal is to become a sustainable artist who is able to fund the art and the causes because we build sustainable success.

When will the album be released?

TBD. We’ll work on the album immediately after we get back and depending on how great or how quickly we’re able to create it and have it out, it’ll come out. But you never stress the creative process.

You mention in the video that liking your posts on facebook will help create change – how?

Broadcast. Content is king but distribution is queen and she wears the pants in the relationship. At the end of the day, whenever you click like or you share the content you’re reaching other people. Those people find something important there and they end up donating or funding or being a part of the movement then, it matters. All of that leads back to change. And that’s how you can be a change agent.