How to contribute your purchase to the cause you care about

It’s pretty simple.  Every time you buy a product here on you will be asked which cause you would like to contribute to in the check out process.  We make several NGO suggestions in the dropdown menu, but you can designate the “vote” towards the cause of your choice as well.  At the end of the year, all of the “votes” will be tallied and mirrored against the One For One Fund created from 50% net profits of the Artist.  For example, if 20% of the “votes” go to Charity Water, then 20% of the One For One Artist’s fund will go to Charity Water.

Keep in mind that when you purchase something on, it becomes the vote that drives the entire fund’s focus.  Meaning, if the Artist makes a 2 Million dollars profit in the year, 1 Million will go to the causes voted for and your purchase here will decide where all of that money goes.  The following video will demonstrate the contribution process.