About Kenna

Kenna, born Kenna Zemedkun, is a singer-songwriter, tech creative and social activist. His critically acclaimed music and work has been Grammy, Emmy and VMA nominated. Kenna is also the founder and producer of the innovative Summit on the Summit clean water initiative that through advocacy, helped the US government re-appropriate hundreds of millions of dollars to the global clean water crisis.

When Justin Timberlake needed a creative partner to re-launch Myspace, he asked Kenna to helm and help the re-imagination of the platform. 

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My purpose.  


The One for One model is to the focus on artistry.  If I could fund my art and sustain my livelihood, I would do it for nothing. 

Attaining more money, fame or notoriety cannot be at the sacrifice of my true wealth; My art.   I am not some righteous person standing behind a pulpit claiming that others' aspirations are wrong.  On the contrary, I’m saying to each his own, but I am choosing this path because I need my work to be connected to the purpose of my life, which is the path I have chosen as a global citizen.

It is difficult to become a successful artist in the modern world, let alone someone who is able to give back at the same time.  We can frame the difficulty if we went back to before the advent of recording technologies.  Back then you would find that all artists, especially musicians, were buskers.  Some would be heralded and play for aristocrats who would present the musician or artist to the community.  However, most would play on the street, like 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA.  Their hats, guitar cases, cups or whatever could catch money would be out and available for patrons to support them with a donation.  

There.  There it is.  A donation.  Artists would accept donations.  

Art and Cause are inextricably linked.  Originally and ostensibly, an Artist IS a cause.  However, an industry was born from the recording technologies that became available. 

Which leads us to now.  Things are very different because of technology. .  Now, the direct relationship to the patron is more important than anything, infinitely more accessible and the internet has become the biggest 3rd street promenade ever.

So, here we are in a very noisy world of available music.  The clutter distances true artists from their audience because of sheer information fatigue.  

They say that great moments are born from great opportunities.  I have found that the opportunity lives in differentiating my music from the noise through identifying its purpose up front.  I can set the intention for change and reciprocity through music.  I see a way for people to invest in an idea; In music that re-invests in the world.  

Maybe being a One For One Artist is a way like-minded Artists can set themselves apart and attract the silent masses who are truly interested in a better world.  Maybe One For One Artists will become a norm, and people will be able to be inspired by both the sonic and the action it triggers.  Maybe that will attract the new Aristocrats; the brands, radio and music supervisors who hold the key to an artist being heard.  Maybe it will shift the way they view their playlists and syncs if they know that the music will literally benefit the world if they sponsor the artist, place the song, or play it on the radio. 

Maybe I’m crazy, but I am hoping that it creates a movement in art that will give everyone a way to further justify their support of Artists.  It is all hope.  Hope that I have for us all.

My aspiration is to be a leader who is heard doing something greater than himself.

I want you to like my music, but I want you to love my purpose.



>I|I< Nothing is Greater or Less Than Us