This guy. This mystically blessed, God fearing, Life champion. This is a man who has followed his spirit for 73 years. From a village without clean water to a house on the Chesapeake Bay. My father gives everything he has for his family. He is, like many good fathers, an unsung hero who gives life to others everyday. As he continues in this life and even in his struggles... he continues to Love and Honor my Mother, bless my Sister and I and be the champion and hero of our lives. Happy Father's Day Pops.

Birthday | #FroBackFriday

#FBF #FroBackFriday - Being that it's another f-ing birthday, I figure I'd at least give you a peek at the dude I see everyday in the mirror. I don't know much, but I do know that he is glad to have made it this far with you all. To many more years of being a nerd who wishes he was awesome. Thanks for putting up with me and my grandiose delusions - Kenna #ToBeOrNotToBe a box of Kodak film? #idontknowwhatimdoing the journey continues #SongsForFlight # @thehurricane

Jacmel | Haiti

Staring at the ocean in Jacmel, Haiti thinking and trying to assimilate all of what I witnessed when I woke up in the morning on Saturday of last week for Mass with Father Rick at St. Luke Family Hospital.

The experience was more than I could relay to you when I was there. It had to settle in me before I could express the depth of what I felt.

@Kathryneverett and @brynmooser warned us of the morning's Mass, but I wasn't ready. Not sure that I could have ever been. ---We walked into the church to the voice of Father Rick doing a sermon on purpose and identifying it in your life. He spoke to our need to belong and how that belonging is inextricably linked to our purpose and inevitably to our ability to give. He mentioned the myth of Narcissus and Echo and made light of Narcissus' self-admiration and how that led him to being alone in the end. That we need each other to survive the worst things that come in life, and that no one is alone if they choose to be a part of the greater whole. --- All the while, laying in the center of the room were five small child coffins. These children had died overnight or within the last 24 hours. They did not survive, but it wasn't because they were alone. There is mourning everyday in Mass at St. Luke's- everyday. However, there was a thankful spirit in the room- juxtaposed against the tragic loss. A realization that they were not alone and that they were a part of something greater. Father Rick punctuated that as he finished the sermon to give the families a sense of peace in that hour. ---We went on to learn about the hospital and the 100,000 people they see per year and the facility being run mainly by volunteers. It is a safe haven and launching point for change in Haiti. Go to @ArtistForPeace and learn more. #SongsForFlight

Haiti | Etidyan

ETIDYAN means student. Thankfully, I have been a student this entire journey. As it comes to a close, it's been a brilliant opportunity to witness as many developed and underdeveloped nations, their culture and their music to inspire #SongsForFlight. Here, Mark Foster and Nora Kirkpatrick and I got a chance to give some of our learning to the students at the Artist's Institute - and one of them challenged me to a vocal duel... and kicked my ass. For more information on the school go to @artistsforpeace or to the causes section. Special thank you to Delta for making this journey even possible and aligning with the explorers who want to learn before they make. We didn't miss ONE flight!

Haiti | Artists Institute

Recording an acoustic version of "Sleep When We Die" at the Artist's Institute in Jacmel, Haiti with Mark Foster, Nora KirkPatrick, our new friend Steve. So thankful and blessed to have friends who would span the globe to be with me on my journey. Thank you all. I appreciate you so very much. A special thank you to the team at the Artist's Institute and especially Kathryn Everett, who also gets the photographer credit. More info on the Artists Institute and "Sleep When We Die" on Apple Music. #SongsForFlight

NYC | Charity Water

The ‪#‎SongsForFlight‬ journey continues, only to find that it's always rise and grind at charity: water HQ - getting ready for a daunting task of raising the funds needed by year end to elevate their war on the global clean water crisis. These people and their incredibly convincing and fully devoted leader, Scott Harrison are a team you can put faith and finance behind based here in NYC. To find out more, go to for more information or the causes section of