Jacmel | Haiti

Staring at the ocean in Jacmel, Haiti thinking and trying to assimilate all of what I witnessed when I woke up in the morning on Saturday of last week for Mass with Father Rick at St. Luke Family Hospital.

The experience was more than I could relay to you when I was there. It had to settle in me before I could express the depth of what I felt.

@Kathryneverett and @brynmooser warned us of the morning's Mass, but I wasn't ready. Not sure that I could have ever been. ---We walked into the church to the voice of Father Rick doing a sermon on purpose and identifying it in your life. He spoke to our need to belong and how that belonging is inextricably linked to our purpose and inevitably to our ability to give. He mentioned the myth of Narcissus and Echo and made light of Narcissus' self-admiration and how that led him to being alone in the end. That we need each other to survive the worst things that come in life, and that no one is alone if they choose to be a part of the greater whole. --- All the while, laying in the center of the room were five small child coffins. These children had died overnight or within the last 24 hours. They did not survive, but it wasn't because they were alone. There is mourning everyday in Mass at St. Luke's- everyday. However, there was a thankful spirit in the room- juxtaposed against the tragic loss. A realization that they were not alone and that they were a part of something greater. Father Rick punctuated that as he finished the sermon to give the families a sense of peace in that hour. ---We went on to learn about the hospital and the 100,000 people they see per year and the facility being run mainly by volunteers. It is a safe haven and launching point for change in Haiti. Go to @ArtistForPeace and learn more. #SongsForFlight