Arrived in Tokyo

Having just arrived in Tokyo, I am actually uncertain what I am to learn from being here. 

Having walked through the guardians, washed my hands in the water before standing before the Buddah, I am suddenly riddled with questions.

I had things that I wanted to accomplish generally... to be inspired by a world of humans who live, think and even breathe differently than I do.

To hear sounds that I would never have normally heard or fathomed and incorporate them into the album.

To imagine something bigger than myself and record lyrics and songs as we go, to make an epic journey come to life in music. Music that reinvests in the world. 

Being here now, I know the task is great and the burden is more than I imagined. Writing this at 4:30am - I am exhausted, but my hope is that the work and diligence is worth it in the end, and that the people - you - who come with me, will feel the spirit of this being put into the impetus of a song to exist. 

This is the beginning of ‪#‎SongsForFlight‬

And, I am a traveler who is hell bent on finding the sounds that inspire us and bringing it home.

The questions will have to answer themselves.

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