Last Night in Tokyo

I am here. I've seen. I've wandered as much as a few days would allow. 

I'm not sure what this journey was supposed to feel like, but it's not necessarily what I expected. There is so little time to spend in each place, so many faces to see, so many sounds to hear and a music video to make all at the same time. 

I think that is what life has become in a lot of ways. Loud and busy.  

Every time I have found a quiet moment, I think that "I need to fill it" so that it isn't wasted.  However, I have started to ask a different question of myself: Why fill something infinite and ethereal with limits?

In Tokyo and on the journey, I am so quiet, because I am exhausted and everything else is not.  In this moment, I am just trying to settle in and listen for the sounds that impact me. I am trying to fall deep within my pursuit.  I am trying to ignore the noise and choose wisely the things I add into my life. I am trying to break molds and live delimited by the energy I receive. There is no reason to hold anything back.

I've learned so much from the precise nature of the Japanese culture. The shapes and angles of their decisions and how they incorporate each other in every communication. They speak to each other with respect. They value each other's work. There are similarities in the generational gaps that affect all of us - like in the case of DBlast and the lack of recognition that dance has received from Japanese culture until recently. But even in him you find the drive for precision and the pursuit of excellence that is needed for anything or anyone to be great. These thoughts and frequencies will be added to #SongsForFlight in action or in melody. This journey is already changing my life in massive ways. 

We all have a journey. This one is headed to Hong Kong.  Come if you'd like. I'm down for company.