Hong Kong | Goodbye

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Leaving Hong Kong I am only left with the resounding cacophony of a multi culture cataclysm that serves as a bridge of many worlds.With a 30,000 year + history leading back to the Paleolithic era, Hong Kong has evolved into a commerce Mecca that doesn't remind you of anything spiritual that built it.Outside of Great Buddha and the obvious old souls of the native people of China, HK seems like it's battling to be inspired. I'm battling to be inspired. Anybody else feel that way?Then I got word that my CORE hooked it up this week and we made the 5K goal! Thanks to Renae Garcia and Muchengeti Manzini for tipping us past 65k. #CORE Thank you for that and on we go to Mumbai and Chennai! More to come.#SongsForFlight Kenna.com